Holi Dance Festival Dorgali

Official Tour 2017

Sun, August 13
The Largest Color Festival arrives in Dorgali!
The Festival has thrilled over 150,000 people throughout Italy in the 2016 Tour.
 Second leg of Sardinia Tour 2017!

Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 19.00
San Giuseppe Committee - Dorgali
And Municipality of Dorgali present

Holi Dance Festival Dorgali 2017 Official Tour

Holi Dance Festival is an event organized by Unconventional Events that brings the ancient Indian festivities, an expression of joy and happiness, to the major Italian cities.
Every year is celebrated with the launch to the sky of a myriad of colors, the same launch that during the Festival occurs several times, counterstood by a countdown that can bring the collective fun at the right size and at the right temperature, Guaranteed by the most in-demand dance music and top DJs performing on the stage of Holi.

It is a celebration for all: families, young children and adults
Children under 1.20 m high are entitled to free entry.
Colors can be purchased within the event.
Take advantage of promo multipack #HoliDanceFestival
Search the color stand in the location
1 Bag 3 €
2 Bags 5 €
5 Bags 10 €

During the 8-hour non-stop Holi Dance Festival, performances of well-established bands, emerging groups, Dj Set and animation shows will be held.

Holi Dance Festival has been consecrated as one of the most innovative and fun events of recent years, becoming inspiration for many other events.
Official Tour 2017 will touch our entire peninsula from north to south, in particular Sardinia with 5 stages this August, for a blast of colors never seen.

Holi Dance Festival is a great party where organizers engage through music, colors and spirit of equality, to create a party full of emotions and fun.

"Color is a power that directly influences the soul"

Datura We Love The 90s
Renée La Bulgara

Support Djs:
Andrea Deiana
Gabriele Sotgia
And many more ...


Campo Sportivo Mes'Austu Dorgali

From 19:00 the colors will begin to invade the city
Invite your friends and share the event, it will be a day to live

Campo Sportivo