Spring in the heart of Sardinia

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DA Sat, June 24 A Sun, June 25
The village of Galtellì lies at the foot of Monte Tuttavista, in the lush valley of the Cedrino River. Among its natural beauty is the spectacular perforated rock, "Sa Preta Istampata", a hiking and climbing destination for trekking and free climbing enthusiasts.
In the center of the village is the ancient Castle Malicas, near which you can appreciate one of the neolithic necropolises of the Neolithic era. In the historical center, among the churches and monuments of historical importance, are also developed the routes and itineraries of the "Literary Park Grazia Deledda", the only Italian woman to have won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Among its streets is set the famous novel "Canne al vento", which is named after Galte. The path to the places in the narration winds through the center trails, from the Basilica of Saint Peter to the Church of the Most Holy Crucified. Among the traditions of Galtellì there are also some typical recipes and dishes, such as carasatu bread, amarettos and honeydew honey renowned for its delicate flavor.
Spring in the Heart of Sardinia will take place in Galtellì on June 24 and 25, when this beautiful center will open its doors to allow you to visit all its beauties alive.
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