Spring in the heart of Sardinia

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DA Sat, June 24 A Sun, June 25
Lanusei is located in the center of Ogliastra, between the green of the hinterland and the blue of the sea. The country fascinates for its architectural beauty as the charming historic center offering exciting angles that evoke the ancient history of the country. Of unmatched beauty is certainly the view of the Nuraghe Gennaccili, overlooking the Selene forest, Sarcerei passage and the Abbafrida valley. In these places you can devote yourself to sports activities such as clay diving or mountain biking excursions.
The center is embellished by two museum structures: the Diocesan Museum, which collects and preserves precious finds and testimonies of the history of the Diocese and the "Franco Ferrai" Civic Museum, a structure realized by enhancing a complex of buildings in the historic center and presently hosting a collection of Works of the great ogliastrian artist to whom it is dedicated. In addition to its natural and historical beauty, Lanusei is known for the renowned production of some of its food products such as pistoccu, culurgionis, typical sweets, cherries and s'anguli 'and cibudda, rustic focaccia of onions and zucchini that is prepared especially in summer.
The weekend of 24 and 25 June at Lanusei comes the Spring in the Heart of Sardinia.
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