Spring in the heart of Sardinia

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DA Sat, June 24 A Sun, June 25
The center of Siniscola is located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, in the historical region of the Barons. Its location, at the foot of the limestone massif of Montalbo, makes the territory an area of ​​great cultural and tourist interest, where the sea and the mountains intertwine creating a landscaped profile of unmatched beauty.
The territory of Siniscola has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the numerous finds found in the adjacent areas of the town and settlements among which count 46 archaeological sites such as the Nuraghic village '' Luthuthai ''. The uniqueness of typical products such as "Cannonàtu" red wine, Pecorino cheese and a wide variety of sweets make up for a rich gourmet offer and a pretty pregnant bounty, including "Sa suppa siniscolesa" and "Sa pompia" , Sweet made from the fruit of the same plant, which grows only in this area.
Among the handicrafts are the beautiful ceramics, baskets, decorated chests and knives.
On June 24 and 25, Spring in the Heart of Sardinia comes to Siniscola to show you all this and much more.
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